Company Information
Company G&T SYSTEMS Co., Ltd.
CEO Choi Byeong Chul Founded 2006.05.03
Address 47, Idonggongwon-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 15489, South Korea
Employees 15(office 3, engineer 5, sales 4, Production 3)
Item OLED Module Reliability Aging Tester
Capital KRW 200 million
G&T's Company Introduction
  • Company Overview and Main Products.
  • Since its foundation in 2006, GNT-Systems has been dedicating itself to the technology development for the small mobile display’s module test equipment and supplying reliability aging tester.
  • Main product is the reliability testing equipment that is resistant to the constant temperature and humidity, which is currently adopted for the purpose of reliability test on the display panels of the 2K+ OLED mobile to 4K tablet, Monitor etc.
G&T's Product Introduction
  • Product and Technology Features.
  • The test equipment of GNT-Systems is resistant to high temperatures, low temperatures, and constant temperature and humidity with the major electronic parts for industrial uses and consequently meets the reliability test standard.
  • Product Competitiveness.
  • GNT-Systems had the patent on major technologies registered early enough in the product development process to own the intellectual property that would help the entry barrier raised in terms of technology.
  • Major products of GNT-Systems are significantly competitive in prices as they adopt the imbedded test techniques which make them all in one unlike the removable test equipment.
Management Philosophy
Be A Global Leader in mobile LCD/OLED Module Test Tech.
The Enterprise which puts in a soul
Core Value
Give & Take
Quality Assurance
CUSTOMER MANIA "Of the customer, by the customer, for the customer"
G&T "Now, Are you looking for AUTO, Mobile, Wearable, All-in-one Reliability Aging Tester?"
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  • - AUTO/Industrial Temperature&Humidity Test Condition fit
  • - 2K4K All-in-one Reliability Aging Tester
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  • Why
  • - Portability Embedded Type
  • - 1-Channel&Multi-Channel Reliability Tester Customizing